Storage That Cares

By: Mellow Heights LLC

The team over at Mellow Heights is looking towards the future and creating storage for modern-day users that focuses on the needs of plants and flowers such as cannabis and hemp.


  1. The cannabis industry has come a long way in past 20 years! Storage of the past is outdated and provides ZERO benefits or protection to cannabis and hemp flowers
  2. For many people cannabis is medicine and should be stored with intent to keep all benefits of the flower intact!
  3. CANNABIS IS DRY! Wether you purchase from your local dispensary or your local medicine man, often times cannabis is overly dried out and can even be brittle and falling apart.


  • Like mentioned earlier the cannabis industry is changing and it is time storage changed with it. The HydroLid is customized for the future of cannabis with built in features to keep cannabis/hemp as fresh as possible
  • With our medical users in mind we designed a storage that will not waiver when you need it most! Cannabis inside the HydroLid is kept at consistent humidity in order to help preserve benefits and features of the flower
  • Fight Back Against Dry Cannabis! With humidity built in to be a constant 60% RH your cannabis will never be dry or brittle to the touch. The terpenes and aromas as you open your jar will be bountiful and abundant, a key sign that your cannabis/hemp is fresh/potent.

What is the HydroLid?

  • HydroLid comes with a built-in humidity system that is easy to use and re-usable for years to come. Fight back against dry can crunchy cannabis!
  • HydroLid keeps all your precious aromas and flavors sealed in your flower by not allowing outside oxygen to come in and degrade the plant of its natural state
  • One Size Fits ALL! HydroLid is adaptable to multiple jar sizes. Any wide-mouth jar from 8oz-64oz+ will work will the HydroLid!

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