Fight Back against Dry Cannabis

By: Mellow Heights LLC

The Dry Cannabis Problem

Whether you purchase cannabis from your local dispensary or from your local medicine man down the street, there is one negative trait beyond common in cannabis across the United States: DRY CANNABIS. 

I know what you’re thinking “what is this person talking about of course cannabis is dry? How else is one supposed to smoke it?”. When I refer to “dry cannabis” I speak of the overly dry and crunchy cannabis that unfortunately is seen much too often across the country. When your Buds turn to dust from a simple squish of the fingers it is obvious that the cannabis is overly dried and is losing its favorite qualities.

How to Tell if your Cannabis is too Dry

1. The Crunch Test

Cannabis that is cured and stored properly will be sticky to the touch but still easy to pick apart however it should not crumble and turn to dust.  Give your cannabis a slight squeeze if this causes the cannabis to crumble and fall off. It is likely the cannabis is overly dry and has failed the crunch test.

2. The Color Test

One easy way to tell if your cannabis is too dry is by the colors of the buds. A cannabis bud that has been stored and cured in the right conditions will still have vibrant and strong colors. Unlike overly dry cannabis which will begin to lose its colorful nature as oxygen takes away its water weight and replaces it with browning leaves.

3. The Smell Test

The nose never lies! Trust your instincts and senses as they are usually right the smellier the cannabis the better! Cannabis with strong and stinky scents tells us that there are still many terpenes active in the plant which helps deliver a better and stronger experience.

How Mellow Heights LLC is fighting back!

The team at Mellow Heights LLC has decided to actively fight back against dry cannabis with the creation of our first flagship product the HydroLid.

The HydroLid by Mellow Heights strives to separate itself from any other storage system out there by not ignoring one of the biggest issues with cannabis which is it being DRY.

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