WHO is Mellow Heights?

Mellow Heights is a start-up company that is focused on creating products tailored specifically for the cannabis/hemp industries. The Mellow Heights team strives to create products of the future with our first focus being creating storage that revolves around being “flower friendly”. It is our mission to keep the world m e l l o w one product at a time!



  • Our team wants to be a resource for our community therefore we will begin to educate on various cannabis/hemp topics
  • Additionally, we will begin to educate on topics important to our products and their specific benefits/features


  • We feel it is important to not only teach what we find important, but also teach/answer questions that anyone in the community may have.
  • We hope to use this platform to continue to connect and communicate on further more in depth level!


  • Mellow Heights is striving to create an open and active community for anyone interested in cannabis as well learning more about it!
  • This is the first of a few steps we hope to take in further culitivating and creating our mellow community

Mellow Mission

“Mellow Heights is pushing towards the future of cannabis revolving around a flower friendly approach to increase quality and end user experience”


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