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Bob MArley

Storage That Cares

By: Mellow Heights LLC The team over at Mellow Heights is looking towards the future and creating storage for modern-day users that focuses on the needs of plants and flowers such as cannabis and hemp. WHY CREATE NEW STORAGE? The cannabis industry has come a long way in past 20 years! Storage of the pastContinue reading “Storage That Cares”

Fight Back against Dry Cannabis

By: Mellow Heights LLC The Dry Cannabis Problem Whether you purchase cannabis from your local dispensary or from your local medicine man down the street, there is one negative trait beyond common in cannabis across the United States: DRY CANNABIS.  I know what you’re thinking “what is this person talking about of course cannabis isContinue reading “Fight Back against Dry Cannabis”

WHO is Mellow Heights?

Mellow Heights is a start-up company that is focused on creating products tailored specifically for the cannabis/hemp industries. The Mellow Heights team strives to create products of the future with our first focus being creating storage that revolves around being “flower friendly”. It is our mission to keep the world m e l l oContinue reading “WHO is Mellow Heights?”

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